Orlando Lawyer Handling Suspended License Cases

In the State of Florida, as in nearly every other state, driving with a suspended or revoked license is a crime. If caught, you could, depending on the situation, be facing a range of criminal charges varying from a misdemeanor to a serious felony.

Don’t let one poor choice impact your future for years to come. As a former criminal prosecutor, parking ticket on car windscreenattorney Travis Williams understands both sides and has the experience and skill to defend your case and achieve the outcome you desire. Contact the Orlando law offices of The Law Office of Travis Williams , to protect your future.

Were You Illegally Stopped?

If your rights were violated due to the officer illegally stopping/pulling you over for no valid reason, then we will fight to get your evidence and case thrown out.

Were You Aware of the Suspension?

Driving on a suspended license without knowledge that your license was suspended is only a civil infraction. In order to convict you of a criminal offense, the State must prove you had knowledge of your suspension. Therefore, another possible defense that we can pursue is lack of knowledge.

If you are aware you were driving with a suspended license, you can be charged with a criminal misdemeanor; if caught three times it can result in a felony charge. If you did not realize you were driving illegally, it may result in a civil infraction, which is a citable offense, and not a criminal charge.

Working Toward Reducing the Impact

Whether you knowingly drove without a driver’s license or not, we work to achieve the best possible results in your case. We will review your driving record and advise you on the necessary steps needed to get your license reinstated. We will also strive and aggressively represent you in order to achieve a positive result on any criminal offense against you.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Cares About Protecting Your Rights

At The Law Office of Travis Williams, we provide personal attention to each client. We take the time necessary to understand every aspect of your suspended license case. You have rights that must be protected.

To schedule a free consultation regarding charges from driving with a suspended license, contact us at 407-425-4755. We are accessible to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.