Orlando Civil Infractions & Tickets Attorney

We represent drivers who have received traffic tickets for the following:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without a Valid Driver’s License or commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Violation of Right of Way
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Careless Driving
  • Stop Sign ViolationsPolice Stop
  • Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device
  • Causing an Accident
  • Failure to Maintain a Single Lane
  • Window Tint Violations
  • Brake Light/Equipment Violation

If you have been cited with any of the above traffic violations we will do our best to prevent any suspensions/revocations of your license, any assessment of points, and to generally minimize the effects on your driving record. Don’t just pay a ticket because there may be unknown ramifications which may affect your driver’s license or car insurance rates. Contact our experienced traffic lawyers so we may obtain the best results possible for you.