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The DUI laws are found under Florida Statute 316.193.  If you have been charged with DUI, DWI, BUI or any other drunk driving offense, you need to know that many of your rights and privileges may be at risk. Aside from having a criminal conviction on your record, you are also facing potential jail time, excessive fines and revocation of your driver’s license. To ensure your rights and privileges are protected, you should hire a skilled, dedicated Orlando DUI/DWI defense attorney.

At The Law Office of Travis Williams, we know what it takes to fully protect yo

Drinking and Driving Enforcement Background

ur rights.  Attorney Travis Williams has taken several DUI cases to trial, and has past experience working as a former DUI prosecutor in Orange and Osceola counties.  He will use his knowledge and experience to put forth a strong defense in your DUI/DWI case.  We will always first look to see if we can get your DUI dismissed based on an unlawful stop, detention, search or breath test result.


Our Law Office has extensive experience at defending clients against a wide variety of drunk driving charges, including:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Boating under the influence (BUI)
  • DUI vehicular manslaughter

The consequences of a DUI increase with the number of DUIs on your record.  If you are facing a subsequent drunk driving charge, including felony DUI, it is more important than ever that you have a strong defense attorney by your side to help defend you.  We understand what is at stake, and we are dedicated to ensuring your DUI case is handled with the necessary skill and attention.

First-Offense DUIs: Speak With Us About the Pre-Trial Diversion Program.

For first-time DUI/DWI offenders, a successful completion of a pre-trial diversion program could allow your charge to be dismissed. Such a program may involve supervision for one year, an alcohol evaluation program, counseling and community service. To learn more, visit our pre-trial diversion page.

The Outcome of Your Case Is Important to Us

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