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Being accused of a drug offense is a serious matter. The penalties can include fines, an automatic one year driver’s license suspension, or even a prison sentence. A conviction can affect your well being and that of Handcuffs And Syringe On Wood Rough Backgroundyour family. If you have been charged with a state or federal drug offense, our criminal defense lawyer will aggressively fight to protect your interests.

Potential Consequences of a Drug Conviction

  • Drug trafficking carries mandatory minimum prison sentences.
  • Depending on the charge, the maximum incarceration can range from one year to life in prison.
  • All drug charges carry the potential of lengthy probation and heavy fines.
  • Drug convictions can result in a one year driver’s license revocation.

At The Law Office of Travis Williams, we are experienced in handling and going to trial on drug cases. We have handled cases from simple possession to federal drug trafficking charges involving hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and marijuana. We help clients deal with the DEA agents, state and local investigators, as well as federal and state prosecutors. We have handled drug cases from simple possession to federal drug trafficking charges involving over 1,000kg of cocaine.

Contact an experienced drug offense attorney at our Orlando law offices to discuss any of the following state or federal drug charges:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking and distribution
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug importation
  • Drug cultivation
  • Federal drug conspiracy

Helping clients achieve successful results

Our criminal defense team is adept at seeking creative solutions that will serve your best interests. We review all of the evidence and determine the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you. We use our aggressive negotiation and trial skills to exploit those weaknesses and help clients gain favorable results.  We also make sure your constitutional rights were not violated by police officers making an illegal stop, search or seizure. If we find an illegal stop, search or seizure, we may be able to get the evidence thrown out and the charge dismissed.

If the case against you is strong, we can still help you achieve a favorable result. Many times in simple possession cases we can get the client into a diversion program and if successfully completed get the charges dismissed. And of course, we are always willing to negotiate referral into a drug rehab program if there is a drug problem to address. Seeking voluntary drug treatment programs and other rehabilitative factors can mitigate your sentence. One of our primary goals is to find a solution that minimizes the punishment, while at the same time providing rehabilitation.

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