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When you have been charged with a drug offense of any kind in Florida, you should consider hiring our skilled, experienced Orlando, Orange County, FL. drug crime defense law firm.  You are facing a Drug Possession text on sound block & gavelcombination of potential prison or jail time, probation, expensive fines and a one year driver’s license suspension, not to mention a criminal record that will affect your future opportunities.  Do not risk your future to the leniency of a judge or the prosecution.

We handle drug cases in every county in Florida in both State and Federal Court.  At The Law Office of Travis Williams, we truly care about the outcome of your case.  This is why our criminal defense firm will dedicate our time and energy to provide you with the strong defense you need.  Attorney, Travis Williams has experience working as a prosecutor in Orange and Osceola County, Florida, and he knows how the prosecution will attempt to prove their case against you.


Experienced Lawyer Defending Against a Variety of Drug Crimes

The owner of the firm, attorney Travis Williams personally handles every drug crime case that comes through our doors.  Mr. Williams has taken drug cases to trial in multiple State and Federal Courts.  With years of experience on both sides of the courtroom, we can help you regardless of the drug crime charge you are facing, including:

  • Drug possession
  • Drug sale and delivery
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Federal drug conspiracy

Whether you are facing trial in state or federal court, we are here to help protect your rights and your future.


The Type and Amount of Drug Determines Your Charges and Consequences

The criminal consequences you face vary greatly depending on the type and amount of drug that was alleged to be found in your possession.  For instance, if you were caught smoking pot, you would not be facing the same harsh consequences of an individual who is being charged with drug trafficking.  Our skilled team knows how to approach the defense of your drug crime case for all drugs including:

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