Property owners, and those who have control of property such as tenants, can face considerable liability each time someone steps on their property. The most common type of personal injury case that arises out of this area is slip and fall cases. Property owners are expected to take reasonable care to eliminate dangerous conditions and, if necessary, to warn other people of those dangers.slip-and-fall-2

Florida law gives substantial protection to those people who are classified as “invitees” on the property. An invitee is someone that is on the property for the owner’s commercial gain, such as a customer in a store. Owners can be responsible for not only for what they are aware of, but also what they should have been aware of. Other people such as “licensees” who were invited on the property for non-commercial gain, are protected to a lesser extent. Even trespassers have some protections, but to a much lesser extent.

Premises liability can occur in a variety of different circumstances and locations. It could involve swimming pools, parking lots, water or debris on floor, uneven floors, cracked or broken steps, unsafe sidewalks, walkways and stairways, falling merchandise and many more different factors. A person who suffers an injury on another’s property may sue the owner. The person bringing suit (Plaintiff) would need to prove that the owner was negligent in maintaining the property and that the negligence caused the injury.

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