In the past five years, The Law Office of Travis Williams has helped clients that were victims of police brutality and false arrests bring claims against law enforcement agencies.  In just this past month (September 2016), we obtained $125,000.00 and $95,000.00 on two separate police brutality cases.  In all, our claims against police officers have resulted in law enforcement paying out over a MILLION dollars!  We continue the fight as we currently have lawsuits that are being heard in our court system as we try to bring justice on behalf of those injured and wrongfully accused by the police.

All citizens are protected by the United States Constitution and afforded certain civil rights. Law enforcement officers do countless heroic acts every day. However, at times police officers cross the line in their use of force or make bad judgments in arresting people. When law enforcement officers use police-brutalityunnecessary and excessive force or falsely arrest an individual, they need to be held accountable. These tend to be more complicated cases that many attorneys will shy away from. At The Law Office of Travis Williams, we bring claims against law enforcement in both State and Federal Courts on behalf of those wrongly injured or arrested by the police.

The law allows officers to use a reasonable amount of force to detain or arrest someone. However, police may not use unreasonable and excessive force. In some instances, an agency’s own use of force policies and procedures can create a dangerous and unnecessary situation. In most situations, excessive force occurs because an individual officer overreacts or loses his temper when dealing with a suspect. Excessive force is a direct violation of one’s civil rights covered by the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution. Examples include:

  • Shooting
  • Striking with fists or baton
  • Using Tasers
  • Using Pepper spray
  • Biting by police dogs
  • Vehicular chases

When an officer does not use excessive force, but wrongly arrests someone, it is also an unlawful violation. A false arrest claim turns on whether the officer had probable cause to make the arrest. Even if not injured, this can still have a major impact on one’s life. You go through the stigma of being arrested and taken to jail. Many times you have to hire an attorney and go through the court process although you did nothing wrong. We represent individuals that have been wrongly detained and arrested by police officers.

If you have been either injured or falsely arrested by law enforcement, please contact the Law Office of Travis Williams at 407-425-4755 for a free consultation. We will use all of our resources to make sure justice is brought to the law enforcement agency and officers that violated the rights of you or a loved one.