Orlando Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud Defense Lawyer

These two offenses fall under the increasingly popular prosecution of mortgage fraud. These prosecutions are often extremely complex and you will need someone on your side that is experienced in this field and not just a general criminal defense attorney. We have handled these cases on both the Federal and State level and can help you with the charges you face.

Mortgage Fraud prosecution on the rise in Florida

Professionals such as mortgage brokers, investors, realtors, lenders and banks are currently the target of numerous investigations. Many of these prosecutions start simply with a letter from the United States Fraud text on sound block & gavelAttorney’s Office informing someone they are the target of an investigation that could result in a grand jury indictment. In recent months, we have had several people call us after receiving the exact same form letter from either the U.S. Attorney’s Office or FBI. It is important that you call an experienced attorney to make initial contact with these agents. In some cases, the Government does not have enough information to prove the case and are hoping that you call and admit to certain conduct.  Don’t give up your constitutional right to remain silent.

Proving Wire Fraud and Mail Fraud

It is important to know what the Government has to prove in order to convict you of wire fraud and mail fraud. In a case of wire fraud, they will have to prove:

  1. that you knowingly devised or participated in a scheme to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false representations or promises;
  2. that you did so willfully and with the intent to defraud and
  3. that you transmitted or caused to be transmitted by wire, internet, radio or television some communication for the purpose of executing the scheme to defraud. For example, sending a fraudulent loan application via the internet.

Mail fraud is the same except that the Government will also have to prove that you used the U.S. Postal Service by mailing or causing to be mailed or used a private or commercial carrier for the purpose of executing the scheme.

Defending You Against Mortgage Fraud and Other Financial Crimes

You need to get an attorney on your case as soon as possible that will care and fight for you and your future. At The Law Office of Travis Williams, we have the experience to help. If we are on the case from the beginning, we can help with early intervention which will increase your chances of a favorable result. We will call the agents and prosecutors on your case and not only decipher the evidence they have but also talk to them about options to favorably resolve your case. If the Government does not give us favorable options, or ifwe don’t think they can prove the charges against you, then we will aggressively defend you at trial.

Protect Your Rights and Call an Experienced Mortgage Fraud Attorney Today

Conviction of a white collar crime, such as mortgage fraud, can lead to severe consequences. You could be facing time in jail or prison, high fines and a permanent criminal record. Every aspect of your life may be at risk. Contact our office as soon as possible to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.