Orlando DUI Lawyer

In certain instances, your DUI charge may qualify for a pre-trial diversion program, otherwise known as PTD. Successful completion of PTD allows you to get your charge of DUI dismissed. Qualifying for PTD in Orange County, Florida can depend on the following factors:DUI

  • No prior alcohol related criminal history;
  • No more than two prior misdemeanor convictions;
  • No more than one prior completed diversion program;
  • In the instant DUI, it must not have involved a crash; and
  • Defendant is an appropriate candidate for PTD given the facts of his/her case.

The decision on whether an individual charged with first time DUI qualifies for PTD rests with the Prosecutor or State Attorney’s Office. Getting entry into the PTD program can be made easier with the help of our law firm.

PTD has two different tiers. Tier 1 is for individuals whose breath or blood alcohol average is .15 or below. Tier 2 is for breath test refusals or where the individual’s breath or blood alcohol average is above a .15. Generally, PTD can consist of a supervised period of up to a year, alcohol evaluation and recommended counseling, and community service hours.

Attorney, Travis Williams, is a former Orange and Osceola State Prosecutor who knows the ins and outs of getting someone into PTD.  Call or email our Orlando, Orange County based law firm at 407-425-4755 for a free consultation and let us help you get approved and entered into this program.