Client Reviews

Amazing Lawyer!

Posted by: Dalila B. on January 24, 2018

I recently hired Travis to help me get my license reinstated. After about a year of trying to do it myself with no success Mr. Williams got my license reinstated in less than 2 months. He was amazing. He also worked with me on a payment plan which helped loads since I’m a single mother. I’m so glad I chose to go with him. He’s awesome at communicating and also very thorough on getting things done. Thanks so much Travis. you truly have a gift in defense and I’m so grateful to have had the pleasure of allowing you to help me get things back on track and getting me back on the road..many blessings your way

Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney!!!

Posted by: Pam Newman on January 21, 2018

I highly recommend Mr. Williams to defend you in any criminal action you need representation for. He recently defended me in two criminal actions in two different counties in Florida and got me the best possible outcomes possible! I felt safe with him standing up for me with the State Prosecutors. His compassion and passionate desire to defend, even when the odds are against you, is rare and comforting. He is affordable and priceless!!!


Posted by: nicole bullen on February 19, 2017

Travis and Lawanda helped me through an EXTREMELY stressful time in my life and I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the EXCELLENT customer service that they provided. The services that this offices provided was worth every penny and I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who is faced with a situation where legal representation is needed. If I ever need legal representation again I will ABSOLUTELY utilize The Law Office of Travis Williams!

Amazing lawyer even better person!

Posted by: Michael on January 24, 2017

Travis and his team provided me with with such professional service at a time in my life and my family’s life that we could have been taken advantage of…
Travis guided us through our legal troubles as if he were my family.
Went above and beyond to protect me and advise me of everything that was going on every step of the way.
A man of honor and integrity .
Very blessed to have found Travis.


Posted by: orly pedrozo on May 27, 2016

Recently I have passed by a great trauma being arrested wrongly in Florida. I knew how unfair, inhuman and long is all the process. Because of the good fame in my country, my family hired the lawyer, Mr. Travis Martin Williams, that brightly drove my process to victory, returning me to normal life with my family in my country. He patiently hear us, explain all the details, has an incredible knowledge, answer immediately our calls and e-mails even out of his office. Finally I can add that he is efficient, agile, honest, objective, decisive to solve the subject and a very kind human being. I do recommend Mr. Travis Martin Williams to be your lawyer.

Travis the magnificent

Posted by: Raziel Periu on July 7, 2016

Travis Williams has been an amazing attorney, friend, and consultant every step of the way. I put my trust in Travis with my case and from the moment I met him. He personally handled my case with integrity and worked diligently to provide us with the best possible out come. I give great thanks to Travis for how much he impacted the results of destiny. I would highly recommend him to anyone and for any case.

Excellent legal work!

Posted by: General on January 4, 2016

Mr Williams and his law firm did an excellent job helping me out with my license situation they went above and beyond to help me bring my legal matter to an close and getting me the best deal that was to my liking plus they kept me informed on what was going on every step of the way and what to do on my own to make sure everything was good I highly recommend him for the job if you having any issues with your driving privileges.

Travis Did What Everyone Else Was Scared To Do!

Posted by: Peter on January 4, 2016

I was illegally and unlawfully incarcerated for 42 days by the Florida Department of Corrections; Noone wanted to take a case against the F.D.O.C. … … … Mr Williams, took the case and helped me reach a $25,000 settlement within a few months. He definitely has my vote as an awesome attorney!

Great Florida Lawyer

Posted by: Matthew on July 20, 2015

I would highly recommend Travis Williams if you need an attorney in Florida.
His fee was very reasonable and his knowledge and communication was excellent.
I live out of state and he was able to handle my case without me going to Florida
I had the best possible outcome but even if it had not I would still be please just by the way he handle everything with care and respect

Outstanding Lawyer

Posted by: Misty on April 23, 2015

He is an amazing lawyer,hes very compassionate,he returns phone calls immediately, hes the best I’ve ever seen. He literally changed me and my family’s life. I am forever grateful.

Great Service

Posted by: Client on January 9, 2015

Residing in a different state and having Travis Williams take my case was great. The response time was great. I have nothing but a positive experience with Mr. Willaims.

Best lawyer

Posted by: Dante on October 8, 2014

Travis is the best lawyer I have worked with I have used his services for years and have
Never lost a case to date . I have referred many friends that have had great out come as well
If your looking for a lawyer who will fight for you and not just be a lazy lawyer who takes your money
Then look no further Travis is the guy . I have worked with numerous lawyers in my time and not one has been as good or as effective as Travis if u want your best chance at winning your case don’t waste your time or money with any other firm

Criminal Defense

Posted by: Martin on September 25, 2014

I hired Travis for two of my cases and I was very satisfied with the results. Always kept me informed and was knowledgeable about my cases. I would definitely recommend him.

Fantastic, Knowledgeable, and very caring

Posted by: Carolyn on June 16, 2014

Mr. Williams helped my husband in a violation of probation case. Anybody dealing with VOP cases know that there can be a large amount of time to be sentenced. My husband was facing the possibility of 15 to 30 years (that’s what his max could’ve been). Thanks to Mr. Williams, he’ll be home in just a few months. I cannot thank Mr. Williams and his staff enough for everything they have done for us. He kept me informed, always returned my calls, had all the answers I needed and was very reasonable in price. This is a fantastic lawyer, a very hard worker, honest, and very helpful

Travis is the best attorney you can ask for.

Posted by: Carmen on May 3, 2014

Travis has worked on 3 cases for me. With great outcome in my favor for all 3. Travis kept me updated, would return my calls & or my emails in a timely manner. When I was not able to go to him he came to me. I recommend Travis Williams to anyone who is looking for an attorney. He is honest, trustworthy, knowledgeable, informative, reliable, compassion. I have never met an attorney that will work as hard as he does, not matter what. Travis Williams is a winner.

Nothing short of “Spectacular”!

Posted by: Dave on February 5, 2014

I recommend Mr. Williams as being one of the best attorneys you can retain in Orlando for any complicated court case. He tackled my case with such thoroughness, and detail at every step. He kept me updated and informed through the entire process and maintained a knowledge and professionalism I have never witnessed before. Against all odds, Mr. Williams made a miracle happen. I could not be happier with the work and effort he displayed on my case. Simply amazing attorney!

Proven Case Winner that is Ethical, Honest, Aggressive, and Professional.

Posted by: Jim on December 16, 2013

Proven Case Winner that is Ethical, Honest, Aggressive, and Professional.

Mr. Williams is a rising star in his profession. In a time when many attorneys won’t take your call after they cash your check, push you off to a case manager, take on more cases than they can handle at once, and not work on your case, I’ve found Williams as the BE ALL THINGS THAT ARE GREAT ABOUT ATTORNEYS. Travis is personable, knowledgeable, straightforward, and just darn right spectacular. He is grounded and willing to work the extra mile to assist his clients. He is genuine and caring about your case needs. I also liked the fact he does not price gouge those inquiring for services, but rather charges fair market value. He is diligent at working towards the best possible result and scenario for you. I cannot say I’ve met or hired a better, well rounded attorney than Travis Williams. I highly recommend having a consultation with Mr. Williams prior to hiring another lawyer in Florida.


Posted by: Brandon R. on October 16, 2013

Travis is a very through and knowledgeable! Most importantly he has a heart and truly cares! I will cosign and recommend him with the upmost Credit! He saved me life and am very grateful to have been blesssd to have Travis on my Team!

Use only Travis! He saved me!

Posted by: Daniel on September 7, 2013

Travis is the best! He has gotten me out of numerous jams. He in my eyes has won every case I have put in front of him. From very reduced sentences to getting two of my cases completely thrown out. He was always patient with me even when I was in distress and always kept me in the loop. He is my attorney for life!

Mr. Williams represented my son. And we were Very pleased with the outcome !!

Posted by: Loretta on September 17, 2012

Mr Williams and his staff are great ! He listens to you and fights hard for you. Always researching new ideas to help his clients out. He responds to your callls in a quick fashion not days. He has always answered all my questions, not ignored them !! If ever in the future you need a criminal lawyer call his office and go sit and talk to him. Im sure you will be just as impressed as I was with him when I met him several years ago. Hes a family man who loves his family and fights hard for his clients !!